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All courses will be hands on, so for example on our bread courses you will get to learn the feel of a dough at all the different stages of the mixing process, from the sticky mess to the smooth elasticated well developed dough piece.


You will be given full recipe instructions that you can take away for future reference and I will be giving tips and guidance throughout.


My aim is to show you some basics of Bread, Cake and Pastry making to give you confidence to go forward to gain more experience and enjoy this fantastic craft that I have been involved with for over thirty years.


Courses from £55 half day, ideal for beginners and seasoned home bakers alike and from £95 all day depending on course taken, ideal for Sour dough's long fermentation processes and more complex techniques, or for those who just want to experience being on a narrow boat for the day.


During a day’s course, usually between 10am to 5 pm  students will have the use of aprons all equipment and raw materials and recipes needed to produce there chosen products and will get to take home what they make, if they haven’t already eaten them that is. Refreshments will be available throughout the day and a buffet lunch will be provided within the cost of the course.


Confectionery courses will deal with the making of various pastries, cakes and decoration of same and the importance of the correct grade of flour to use and the various techniques used for the various items. From one or two basic pastries we can make any number of different lines:


From a spectacular Tart Tatin, to simple and delicious Plum and almond frangipane tarts. But remember, each class can be geared to individual student's requirements with prior arrangement.



Savoury courses will deal with making various pastries and fillings for different lines, so can be anything from boiled paste for pork pies, puff pastry for various buffet lines and short pastry for filled savouries such as my famous S.A.S pie Steak Ale & Stilton (as seen on the ‘This Morning’ programme in the ‘Cook a Dish for Corrie Competition”.



Please remember all courses can be geared to your particular needs so just ask.


On our bread classes, from a choice basic breads and sweet breads to sour doughs, I will show you various techniques of dough mixing and hand moulding of dough pieces, to obtain the desired shape for the type of bread we are making.


Students for the bread courses will also learn the importance of the different stages of the bread making process: Weighing, mixing, proving, baking and after care.


With particular emphasis given to the resting stages during the dough’s development. It is at these stages that a dough develops the correct levels of ripeness and that the gluten (the insoluble protein in flour) is properly developed to bring it to its optimum tolerance, which enables the dough to have the correct amount of oven spring (rising) when placed in the oven.


It is this that gives a good loaf that beautiful symmetry of shape and colour, (Bloom) that denotes that all stages of the process have been correctly achieved.